What is Winglist?

Winglist is a FREE, modern, and convenient global platform tailored specifically for buying and selling aircraft. Winglist is designed to assists you as a seller in the listing process and makes it easy to create an ad that is detailed, descriptive and well structured. Making life much easier for the buyer and therefore making it easier for you to sell your plane!

We host everything from homebuilt microlights to business jets and turboprops!

Create your aircraft ad for free today.

How it works

  1. Start your listing by selecting your aircraft make and model
  2. Winglist aircraft database will pre-fill generic information about your specific aircraft type
  3. Add unique information about your aircraft
  4. Upload photos and videos from any device at any time
  5. Upload any relevant aircraft documents
  6. Review your listing before publishing
  7. Publish your ad! (You may edit your listing at any time)

Why Winglist?

Have you ever come across an aircraft listing with a few low-res photos, and a vague description that left you with more questions than answers? ..or found it difficult to get a good overview of what is available in the market? ..or been trying to reach a seller to get sufficient information and ending up with endless email threads?

We believe a lack of transparency, user-friendliness, and style has been an issue with the aviation marketplace for decades! Aviation is fun, and should be more accessible for all!

At Winglist we aim to solve these problems with:

Who are we?

Winglist was created by three pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Together, our passion for aviation and innovation drove us to create a much-needed update to the way aircraft are bought and sold online.

Do you like what we've done, and want to support our efforts?

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